Biology is the organized study of living things and their interactions with the environment.

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Phylum Annelida

Phylum Cnideria

Daphnia Heart Rate Lab

Phylum Echinodermata

Introduction to Kingdom Animalia

Liver Fluke Structures

Phylum Nematoda

Planarian Regeneration Lab

Phylum Platyhelminthes

Phylum Porifera

Virtual Earthworm Dissection

Virtual Frog Dissection

Virtual Starfish Dissection

Cell Cycle

Cell Cycle Stages

M-Phase Part 1 (Mitosis and Cytokinesis)

M-phase Part 2 (Meiosis and Cytokinesis)

Online Onion Root Tip Mitosis Lab

Animal Cell Mitosis

Plant Cell Mitosis

Animal Mitosis Video

Class Forms and Informational Pages

Academic Biology I Syllabus

Academic Honesty

Grade Sheet

Science Notebook Requirements

Biology Blog

Online Quizzes

National Arbor Day Foundation Tree Guide

OGT Practice Site

OGT Practice Tests

Using Movie maker

T-Script Form

Chromatography Rf Values Information


Using Classification Keys (Flash)

Making Classification Keys (Flash)

Making Classification Keys HW
Use this only if the HW does not show up in the Flash module.

Classification History

Domains and Kingdoms

Creating and Using Dichotomous Classification Keys

Scientific Names List

Scientific Names Basic Rules

Cytology Basics

Cell Theory

Cells and Organelles (Part 1)

Cells and Organelles (Part 2)

Cells and Organelles (Part 3)

Cell Microscope Lab 4


Data Analysis

Guide to Graphing

Graph Types

Graph Paper

Graph Paper With Notes Section

Circle/Pie Graph Paper

Data Tables

Random Number Generator (GraphPad)

Interpolation and Extrapolation


Chromosome 21 Segment (11pg)

Chromosome 1 Segment

DNA Analysis

DNA Origami

Electrophoresis Virtual Lab Directions

Electrophoresis Lab WS

Genetic Code Circle Version

Gene Regulation

Genetic Code Chart


Reading the Genetic Code

Restriction Lambda DNA Simulation

Uncut Lambda DNA

Transcription Practice

DNA Day 2014 Logo


Ecology Part 1

Ecology Part 2

Virtual Ecology Simulators


Biome Activity

Sampling Lab 2

Computer Motile Population Lab

Academic Ecosystem Stability Computer Lab

Sampling Lab 1

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator 2

Polar Bear News

Abalone Sampling

Sea Turtle Egg Sampling

Guam Island Snake Sampling

Fixes for Biome Activity

Sampling Introduction

Biomes and Climatographs

Motile Sampling Simulation

Sample GenLab

Sampling Review

Sampling Lab 5 Directions

Mark and Recapture


Evolution Introduction

Peppered Moth Simulator

Introduction to Biological Studies

Introduction to Biological Studies

Scientific Methods

Postcards Activity

Scientific Method Crickets

Lab Dissections

Lab Dissection Rules

Cadaver Dissection Terms

Virtual Starfish Dissection

Lab Safety

Lab Safety Notes

Lab Safety Contract

Lab Safety Rules WS

Mendelian/Historical Genetics

Mendel Notes

Basic Genetics Terms

Dihybrid Practice Sheets

Incomplete/Codominant/Sex Linked Traits

Punnett Square Practice Sheets


Microscope Drawing Rules

Making Dry Mount Slides

Sample Good/Bad Drawings

Proper Microscope Use

Formal Microscope Circle Paper

Microscope Lab 2

Microscope Lab 1

Microscope Lab 3

Microscope Lab 4

Microscope Lab 5

Microscope Lab 6

Microscope Sketch Sheets

Microscope Structures

Ruler and Pizza Analogy

Stereomicroscope Lab

Stereomicroscope Structures

Making Wet Mount Slides

Virtual Microscope (From The University of Delaware)

Virtual Microscope Maeasuring

Microscopes: What I should have learned

Microscope Parts

Modern Genetics


Karyotype Analysis Sheet

Karyotype Boxes Sheet

Karyotyping Notes

Karyotyping Online Lab

Normal Human Karyotype Example

Pedigree Basics

Diseases List for Karyotyping

Cloning Information from Learn Genetics

Denver Card

Footpath Murders



Bean Dissection

Corn Dissection


Introduction to Kingsom Plantae

Introduction to Leaves

Plant Tissues

Pollination and Seed Dispersal

Pressing/Mounting Plant Specimen


Seedless Vascular Plants

Plant Specimen Labels

Unknown Plant Specimen HW


Protist Appendix

Protist Lab Questions

Amoeba in Motion
Video showing cytoplasmic streaming and pseudopod formation.

Paramecium Video
Note the beating cilia and the contractile vacuole at work.

Protist Basics

Science News Sources

NY Times Science

Science Daily

National High School Science Journal

Live Science


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